[coreboot] 10th anniversary

geraud.guibert at free.fr geraud.guibert at free.fr
Tue May 19 20:41:58 CEST 2009

> > For a party I would suggest Europe :) ?

hello everyone, from France ;-)

first of all, let me say a happy birthday to the coreboot project and big thanks
to all its past, current and future contributors...

btw, there's an international meeting in my neighbourhood concerning also the
aspects of open hard/soft-ware next month : the LSM in Nantes, France from the
7th to 11th of July 2009 (http://2009.rmll.info)
what a pity, that nobody would give even a small presentation of this project

secondly, i would like to know if it's possible to have an 'open wiki' on the
coreboot to allow translation ?
i kknow, because i'm a scientist too, that english/american is the de
facto natural language for software projects, but IMHO translation of webpages
and software (gettext...) is a good way to make it visible worldwide...
of course, i would be happy to contribute to the french one, some time to time

thirdly i would like to mention, is that, after reading a lot of documents
available for this project, i can happily better understand the overall process
of booting...
...but i must admit that there are still some parts that remain magical and all
these hexa values give me headache

another consequence, is that most of these informations, even essential, are
quite indigestible for the everyday computer user, so at least, introducing a
User Manual, a small 'howto for the newbies' or 'coreboot for the dummies'
should be a good thing, to let them understand, install and contribute more
easily to the project

sincerely yours
Geraud Guibert

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