[coreboot] Minimum RAM requirements for coreboot (under Qemu)

bifferos bifferos at yahoo.co.uk
Sun May 17 21:37:40 CEST 2009

Hi Ron,

I appreciate that this is perhaps not a use you expect Coreboot to be
put to, however the following devices all use RDC x86-compatible SoCs
and so are theoretically capable of running coreboot + various

Airlink 101 AR525W (router)
Edimax BR-6216Mg (router)
Gemtek WRTR-137G (router)
Longshine LCS-WR-2114M (router)
Sitecom WL-153 (router)
Sitecom WL-176 (router)
Linksys WRT54GR (router)
MGB100 (wireless NAS)
Bifferboard (NAS)  <--- My main interest

There are many more.  They use either R8610, R3211, or S3282 CPUs and
have 486SX instruction set, clocked around 133MHz and generally come
with 32MB RAM + 1-4MB flash.  The chips have OHCI/EHCI controllers 
and 10/100 ethernet built-in.

I think it makes sense to use the Coreboot payload system (if not
Coreboot itself) to extend the bootloaders with extra functionality.
One example is USB boot, another is PXE.  We might be able to use the
payloads as-is for many of these devices.

Kind regards,

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> > So no surprise that it doesn't work, but how/where do
> I change
> > these values?
> >
> It's hard to get a machine with that little memory any
> more. I think
> that's the reason for the high number.
> I'll take a look today or tomorrow unless someone beats me
> to it.
> Sorry for the inconvenience!
> ron
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