[coreboot] #135: Flashrom deletes MAC addresses on Tyan Tomcat n3400B (S2925-E)

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Thu May 14 18:09:01 CEST 2009

#135: Flashrom deletes MAC addresses on Tyan Tomcat n3400B (S2925-E)
   Reporter:  Jan@…              |          Owner:  somebody
       Type:  defect             |         Status:  new     
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  Component:  flashrom           |        Version:  v2      
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Patchstatus:  there is no patch  |  

Comment(by hailfinger):

 Some Nvidia chipsets store the MAC address in the mainboard flash ROM
 instead of a separate chip. Unfortunately, there is no standard specifying
 where the MAC address ends up, so flashrom does not know how to extract
 the MAC address, nor how to patch it in.

 flashrom does exactly what you ask it to do: Overwrite the old BIOS image
 with the new image. If the new image contains a garbage MAC address,
 flashrom will write the new image anyway because it doesn't know about

 Of course, that might not be what you expected. If you have any docs on
 where exactly the MAC address is stored in the ROM image, I'm all ears and
 will probably add support to change the image accordingly.

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