[coreboot] qemu, v2, latest

Myles Watson mylesgw at gmail.com
Tue May 12 17:56:22 CEST 2009

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> Subject: [coreboot] qemu, v2, latest
> if failing for me with a seabios payload. Not a filo payload, mind you.
> The failure is odd. It seems to be dying at first instruction with a
> triple fault.
> Anyway, ideas welcome :-)
> Devices initialized
> Copying Interrupt Routing Table to 0x000f0000... done.
> Moving GDT to 0x500...ok
> Multiboot Information structure has been written.
> Adjust low_table_end from 0x00000530 to 0x00001000
> Adjust rom_table_end from 0x000f04b8 to 0x00100000
> Wrote coreboot table at: 00000530 - 00000bc0  checksum bda7
> Check CBFS header at fffeffd0
> magic is 4f524243
> Found CBFS header at fffeffd0
> Check normal/payload
> Got a payload
> Segment fff80028
> data: New segment dstaddr 0xf0000 memsize 0x10000 srcaddr 0xfff80060
> filesize 0x10000
> (cleaned up) New segment addr 0xf0000 size 0x10000 offset 0xfff80060
> filesize 0x10000

> Payload is overwriting Coreboot tables.
I don't see this line in mine.  Could you try HAVE_LOW_TABLES=0 and see if
that fixes it for you?  If so we can try to debug why having both doesn't
work.  If not we can compare payloads.  My entry point is different than
yours too.


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