[coreboot] GSoC: Seabios USB Option ROM, small initial planning

Leandro Dorileo ldorileo at gmail.com
Wed May 6 16:05:34 CEST 2009

Hi Guys

I was talking to Jason and we found we need to draw a bit better the
API and responsibilities between us. I figure out I`m going to support
hardware detection and initialization, and a framework to read and
write blocks from MSC devices.

Looking the current libpayload`s source code I found UHCI is pretty
complete and meets the requirements I mentioned above. So, the focus
should be put on EHCI and OHCI. Of course bug fixing what becomes
needed as well.

Again looking in the source code, I found abstractions that will ease
the process of coupling the other host controller interface drivers, I
don`t have many questions regarding the internal design and API of
libpayload(by now at least) but how Jason is going to integrate and
use libpayload usb stack.

To test and improve my understanding I put together[1] some code from
FILO, libpayload and a stub option ROM, just to see how it`s supposed
to be integrate(PS: this option ROM is a work in progress and will be
used just for testing the usb implementations I`m going to do, and
it`s not functional yet).

For now, I have two major questions, #1: I`ve seen other projects like
FILO including libpayload with svn:external, once seabios is
maintained with git, how it should be done with seabios? how would we
manage the source code integration and maintainability between seabios
and libpayload?. #2: libpayload uses kbuild/kconfig but seabios
doesn`t, what would be the best approach to integrate their build
system? (PS: Sorry, it wasn`t two questions, but many questions and
two areas. ;-) )

A third questions would be, how people test the libpayload stuffs? do
they write small payloads for that? is that feasible writing an option
ROM for testing the libpayload`s usb stack?

A last question. Should I CC the mentors and people I judge
interested? or, is coreboot at coreboot.org good enough? ;-)

[1] - http://vps.dorilex.net/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi

Thanks in advance....

(°=   Leandro Dorileo
//\    ldorileo at gmail.com   -   http://www.dorilex.net
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