[coreboot] unexpected exception errors loading vga rom

Joseph Smith joe at settoplinux.org
Fri May 1 03:05:37 CEST 2009

>> What the 3d register will tell you is what INT is wired to
>> each function. So, e.g., I would guest that 3d is like this:
>> USB1 1
>> USB2 2
>> USB3 3
>> EHCI 4
> Yup.
> 00:1d.0 USB Controller #1 - 0x3d = 0x01
> 00:1d.1 USB Controller #2 - 0x3d = 0x02
> 00:1d.2 USB Controller #3 - 0x3d = 0x03
> 00:1d.7 USB Controller EHCI - 0x3d = 0x04
FYI, here is what the ICH4 data sheet says about these 0x3d registers.
Looks like the PIRQ is internally specific.

USB 1,2, & 3 0x3d
Interrupt Pin (INT_PN) — RO. The values of 01h, 02h, and 03h in function
0, 1, and 2, respectively,
indicate to software that the corresponding ICH4 UHCI USB controllers drive
the INTA#, INTB#, and
INTC# PCI signals.
Note that this does not determine the mapping to the ICH4 PIRQ inputs.
Function 0 will drive PIRQA.
Function 1 will drive PIRQD. Function 2 will drive PIRQC. Function 1 does
not use the corresponding
mapping in order to spread the interrupts with AC97, which has historically
been mapped to PIRQB.

EHCI 0x3d
Interrupt Pin (INT_PN) — RO. The value of 04h indicates that the USB EHCI
function within the
ICH4’s multi-function USB device will drive the fourth interrupt pin from
the device (INTD# in PCI
terms). The value of 04h in function 7 is required because the PCI
specification does not recognize
more than 4 interrupts and older APM-based OSs require that each function
within a multi-function
device has a different Interrupt Pin Register value.
NOTE: Internally the USB EHCI controller uses PIRQ[H]#.
Joseph Smith

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