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Just FYI.


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Subject: ***Very Important***: Get Your Students to Submit their
Proposals via  the 2009 site *now*
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Hello everyone,

Right now, we have about 2x the students registered on the site as we
do number of proposals submitted. No doubt some of these student
registrations are "spam" from folks who won't be submitting proposals.
However, I am also hearing things like "We have six applications
submitted to the GSoC 2009 site but we're discussing another 20 or so
in our forums."

I realize that many organizations are working with students to refine
their proposal ideas on their mailing lists, wikis, etc. However, a
proposal on a wiki, mailing list, etc. does not constitute an actual
application for the program; the proposal must be submitted to the
GSoC 2009 site. While doing review and refinement outside of
http://socghop.appspot.com is a useful exercise, it doesn't allow us
to accurately gauge the number of student proposals we're receiving
for GSoC 2009.

Please help us get an accurate sense of how many proposals will be
submitted for GSoC 2009 by asking your students to submit their
proposals to the GSoC 2009 site *now*. They are welcome to link to the
wiki page, mailing list thread, forum topic, etc. where their
proposals are under discussion and refinement as part of the proposal
submission process.[0]

In case folks are wondering, we want to get this data so we can decide
if it's worthwhile to extend the student application deadline. We're
pretty much set on "no, we won't be extending the deadline," but we
need better data so we can assess if a deadline extension would be a
good thing to do. We're still anticipating the usual "near to deadline
application submission rush" that we see every year but we'd like to
get a more accurate proposal count sooner rather than later.


[0] - http://socghop.appspot.com/document/show/program/google/gsoc2009/userguide#depth_studentapply

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