[coreboot] Fix some PCI issues on M57SLI v2

Harald Gutmann harald.gutmann at gmx.net
Tue Mar 31 18:16:03 CEST 2009

On Tuesday 31 March 2009 17:57:40 Ward Vandewege wrote:
> Hi Harald,
> Great work! I'll test it tomorrow on a v1 board.
That would be really fine, because if there are some differences we need to find 
a way to get the source working on both hardware revisions.
We could use for that reasons a new CONFIG entry in the Config.lb, but 
hopefully we won't need that stuff.

> On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 05:44:50PM +0200, Harald Gutmann wrote:
> > +       	/* TODO: Check why udev renames eth0 to eth1 at boot time */
> > +	PCI_INT(0,sbdn+8,0, 22); /* GBit Ether */
> If you check, you'll find your mac address to be different under coreboot.
> That's because for mcp55-based nics, the mac address is stored in the bios
> rom image.
> I have a script that I use to binary patch coreboot rom images with a
> different mac address. It's attached.
Fine, that's nice to know, i just looked in the source and saw that the MAC-
address is set in romstrap.inc under 
So one TODO is already done, the others should be also easy to clear if 
someone could send the output's which are necessary to verify from a v1 board.
I mentioned those things in the first mail according to that patch.

Maybe it would be good to add a configuration-field in the buildrom-devel to be 
able to set this before building the image.

> Thanks,
> Ward.
Kind regards,
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