[coreboot] patch: add romfs to V2

Patrick Georgi patrick at georgi-clan.de
Tue Mar 31 10:29:40 CEST 2009

Am 31.03.2009 05:23, schrieb ron minnich:
> so the substantive comments that I can see so far:
> 2. ORBC->LAR2
LCAR, so magic and name match (request by Peter)
> 2.5 version number 31313131 to something else, I don't care, just name it.
"VeR1" (as good as any, and it doesn't look like a failed memory test)
> 3. consider stupid hardware design which makes most of ROM
> non-memory-accessible but at the same time don't do that because it is
> really slow. You all confused me now :-)
That shouldn't stop integration. With the code integrated, we can start 
porting boards over to whatever-it-is-called-now (wiicn), and fix issues 
as we encounter them.
And if some boards require special access to wiicn, we'll have to allow 
them to redirect wiicn access through functions pointers - that's not 
hard, and doesn't change the design as far as I see it, merely some 
implementation bits.
> 4. make expansion roms compressed. Well, this is ok by me; are we
> going to expand them to c0000? That works for me.
Expansion roms are not on the roadmap yet (the buildsystem doesn't even 
cover them), and this is something that can be modified at build time at 
will (romtool add-whatever filename [compression flag]) once we support 
it. No change in wiicn design, no significance for the patch in 
question, no need to debate it now.


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