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Dear 于小倩,

On 29.03.2009 10:14 Uhr, 于小倩 wrote:
> Hi all,
>     I am a student of Peking University, I am going to apply for
> GSOC2009 with Coreboot. My classmates Jaosn Wang introduced coreboot
> to me.
> I really like to join in this fantasy group. In the past days I had
> already learning some thing about Coreboot from the website
> www.coreboot.org <http://www.coreboot.org>.
> Because there is only few days for me to write my proposal, I need
> some help. I want to choose VGA BIOS for Geode LX from the as my proposal.
> Now my understanding is to write an vga rom for Geode LX which is used
> for certain graphics cards. Is that right?
The Geode LX is an Embedded CPU/chipset design by AMD. It has an
integrated graphics controller ("on-board"). There is hardware init code
for that on-board graphics in our "libpayload", and in the Linux kernel.
But this does not help for other applications, such as booting Windows
on a Geode LX system. Therefore we need a classical PCI option rom for
that, that does the necessary information. There's even an open source
VGA option rom available at http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/vgabios.
This VGA option rom only knows about the emulated graphics in Qemu/Bochs
so far.

So the task is to separate the "hardware"/emulator specific parts from
the LGPL'd VGABios and add the Geode specific init to it. Ideally the
seperation would make it easy to add further init functions for future
chipsets as well.

Please add your application to Google's GSoC application. You should add
a rough planning (ie, one or more topics you plan to work on in each
week between May 23 and August 25.)

Hope that helps,

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