[coreboot] prettyprint for hardware registers

Gregg C Levine hansolofalcon at worldnet.att.net
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I grok that they have a good idea there. But I find fault with their logic
regarding the ability to download from SVN a read-only arrangement of code.

At least they didn't pick git to be the bearer of their code. I still
haven't figured out how to update anything retrieved that way.

David I certainly do agree with you. This project looks to be applicable to
one of my recurring ideas, that of teaching Linux to manage things other
then the normal peripherals.

There is an item which was written during the 2.0.0 kernel time period by an
individual for the purpose of managing the necessary ports and functions for
a breadboard mounted on an appropriate styled PC board for the chosen slot.
This was probably either an ISA or a PCI bus one. That's stored on the Ibib
ftp site in the Linux directory under the one for applications and then for
the one holding circuits and things.
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Could this be something useful for us, especially considering it looks
like a combination of msrtool, inteltool etc?
I'd like to make sure we don't reinvent the wheel here.

Quoting from the description page:
"PP is intended to provide infrastructure and tools to describe and
manipulate hardware registers and fields. Once described, it is possible
to read and write fields symbolically. This allows one to browse the
state of their hardware."

It's definitely an interesting project. The idea, as I understand, is to
basically define a language for describing hardware state + registers that
is useful for systems software. Basically, a way to write HDL that can be
used from a C++ library or some such.

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