[coreboot] Soldering a socket on your board

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Fri Mar 27 23:07:59 CET 2009

Yes, the page looks really good. Thanks a lot Uwe!

Joseph Smith wrote:
> The foil really helps to absorb the heat so nothing else except
> the chip heats up. I have one that I need to do,

Some general electronics advice: Be careful with the heat. In general
components are never rated for exposed to temperatures over 200 C for
more than a few seconds as the temperature profiles in data sheets
show. There are usually limits on safe temperature rise and fall
times as well. LEDs are the most sensitive I've seen so far, but
nothing likes 400 C very well.

I would not expect the chip to function well after heated to 370.

> If I get time this weekend I will do it and take some picks if you
> want.

In any case I think that would be great!


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