[coreboot] DL145G3

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Fri Mar 27 09:06:05 CET 2009

samuel wrote:
> All this talking about a single pin that is causing this is making
> me think about something...


> This mainboard has 2 jumpers. Each next to each other...
> One is "BIOS RESET" and the other is "CRISIS PARK"... Could that
> CRISIS PARK maybe connect to pin 8 to disable the flashrom
> writes???

Note that only the top 64kb of the flash chip is locked now.
But yes - it could certainly be controlled a jumper.

> I guess if i measure the voltage and/or ohm that should tell me?

Correct. If there is 0 ohm between the middle pin of that jumper and
pin 8, move the jumper and try running flashrom again.

To really make sure it's good to verify that voltage between pins 16
and 8 actually changes when you disconnect that jumper.


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