[coreboot] DL145G3

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Fri Mar 27 08:31:00 CET 2009

FENG Yu Ning wrote:
> SST49LF080A has a #TBL pin deciding whether writes to the top boot
> block is protected.

Correct. It is most likely the cause. But - it would also be
interesting if you could measure the voltage Samuel, on pin 8
after having run flashrom in any mode.

> * if someone has access to the BCM5875(HT1000) datasheet, (s)he may
>   check whether there are registers that control the output to the
>   #TBL pin, then improves flashrom.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, because that Broadcom data book is
probably difficult to find) TBL# (and often WP# too) is usually
connected to a GPIO on some chip. (And that chip may be easier to
find docs for.) But - this Broadcom chipset could have dedicated pin,
I'm not ruling it out.


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