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王清培 wangqingpei at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 13:18:02 CET 2009

Hi Stepan and all,

     I finished the draft of my GSoC Application. I would like to check if
there is something I missed or I need to add.

Is there someone who can be my mentor?

Please feel free to tell me.

Add USB ROM support for SeaBIOS payload which followed by Stefan or some
others.The main taks may include:
1) Realize the USB support for SeaBIOS as a PCI option rom which use the
libpayload USB stack.
2) Finish USB hot controller interface including UHCI/EHCI/OHCI
3) Finish the USB Mass Storage implementation
4) Add USB keyboard and mouse support for SeaBIOS
5) fix some little problems about SATA support of SeaBIOS

1.Who are you? What are you studying?

 I am Jason Wang, the one who is a student from Peking University, China.
Since I finished my EE master degree,
I am working for another master degree of GIS. I also have two years
Software Intern experience in AMD which still to be.
2.Why are you the right person for this task?

2 First, I am full experience with X86 Computer Architecture.
  Second, I am familiar with coreboot. Which means I have a strong ability
of Communication with the motors of Coreboot, I have deep knowledge of
SeaBIOS, and also used to boot windows 7(build 7000) with AMD DBM690T Main
3. Do you have any other commitments that we should know about?

I am a quick learner, and also have enough time to complete the projects.
More important, I have the ability to deal with difficult tasks and bugs.
4.   List your C, Assembler or Java experience. (Depending on the project)

 I have a strong background of C language. It's my working language. I also
learned Assembler Language. I can read Assembler language properly. I used
to fully analysed the disassemble code of MBR.
5List your history with open source projects.  Coreboot: Figured out the
fast-link problem of filo-0.5.
    fixed some bugs of filo.
    Implement the SB600 Flashrom support.
    sucessfully booting window 7 with DBM690T by SeaBIOS.
What is your preferred method of contact? (Phone, email, Skype, etc)

 Email:wangqingpei at hotmail.com <Email%3Awangqingpei at hotmail.com>

Jason Wang
Peking University
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