[coreboot] [solved] Re: [Flashrom] No EEPROM/flash device found. on Syntax SV266A

Paul Menzel paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Mar 21 18:57:38 CET 2009

Am Sonntag, den 22.03.2009, 01:28 +0800 schrieb FENG Yu Ning:
> Paul Menzel wrote:
> > Right. Removing the sticker sure helps. Atmel AT49F002NT is written on
> > the chip, which is supposed to be supported by Flashrom.
> >
> > test.rom also has not only null written to it, so it seems to be
> > working.
> >
> > What could be done, that the chip is auto-detected?
> >
> > Anything else I can do?
> Since the reported IDs differ from those(id1 = 1Fh, id2 = 08h) in
> datasheet of AT49F002NT, I am not sure whether access to the flash is
> properly done. Let's do some investigation before going further.
> You may want to take a closer look at test.rom.
> * How do the first few bytes look like? Do they look like magic
> numbers(0xff00, 0x55aa, ..)?

What is the correct command for doing this. hexdump first lines look

0000000 e425 6c2d 3568 6f2d 0129 0000 0200 0000
0000010 0000 2050 0c01 3632 6136 3333 3632 422e

> * What are the instructions located at (top - 0x10)? Is it a cache
> disable instruction followed by a jump?

Sorry, could you give me a link (article, lecture notes?) for this, so I
can read this up.

> * Try `strings' of binutils. See if you can find board information and
> strings appearing in the BIOS setup screen, etc..

Strings shows something useful.

7Phoenix Technologies, LTD
6.00 PG
VIA Technologies, Inc.
Socket A
AMD Athlon(tm) XP
Internal Cache
External Cache
PS/2 Mouse

> If yes, then we have a special AT49F002NT. Adding auto-detecting for
> the chip should be trival. Otherwise, we will have to head towards the
> other direction, to see what we can do with the super IO chip.

Well it looks like we are lucky and it is the first alternative.

> Maybe there are other things to be taken into account, but I can only
> think of the aboves with my limited knowledge.

Thank you for your answer and great instructions!!!

Please tell what else I can do.


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