[coreboot] Strange failure - help?

Myles Watson mylesgw at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 19:17:15 CET 2009

On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 3:27 PM, Myles Watson <mylesgw at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have two coreboot trees.  As far as I can tell they're identical.
> One produces working ROM images, and the other reboots when it jumps
> to the payload.
> These are the only differences from the .map files:
> Broken:
> 0000b03d A _binary_coreboot_ram_rom_size
> 0010b03d A _eiseg
> fffeb03d A _x
> fffeb03d D _binary_coreboot_ram_rom_end
> fffeb03d D _eliseg
> fffeb03d D _eram
> Works:
> 0000b222 A _binary_coreboot_ram_rom_size
> 0010b222 A _eiseg
> fffeb222 A _x
> fffeb222 D _binary_coreboot_ram_rom_end
> fffeb222 D _eliseg
> fffeb222 D _eram
> The broken one has a path of:
> /home/myles/try/buildrom-devel/work/coreboot/svn/
> The working one's path is:
> /home/myles/buildrom-devel/work/coreboot/svn/
> They were both working until yesterday.  I've tried everything I can
> think of.  I've removed the non-functional one's build directory
> completely.  The payloads are bit-for-bit identical.
> The only difference in the boot log before the reboot is this line:
> Works:
> Wrote coreboot table at: 00000500 - 00000788  checksum 5385
> Broken:
> Wrote coreboot table at: 00000500 - 0000076c  checksum 4fd2
> diffing the hexdump of the ROM files shows that the payload is identical.
> Any ideas?
> It is true that I have a working tree, but if I didn't I'd be hosed so
> I'd like to know the real cause.

That was the key.  I hadn't done a make clean in the working tree.
Rev 4000 broke it for me, but I'm still not sure why.  Once I was
doing make clean every time I could find the revision that was
breaking.  It looks like Rev 4000 changed the compile flags, so that's
where I'm going next.  Everything else in 4000 looks innocuous to me.


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