[coreboot] about the CACHE settting issue in the coreboot

wei yang lostdays_15 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 12 04:36:05 CET 2009

This is also happend on me, I also wandering it is may be a test for my debug ability.

I guess the cache control in the currently coreboot is not so perfect.
I got such issue, when I boot coreboot through filo with VGA card, then system hung at very beginning of the filo.
Filo was even not print out any thing.

I debug and debug( by added many printk and infinite loop), then found the system hung in the "LGDT" operation just after the coreboot load the payload code section in the memory.
Actually, this "LGDT" operation were always ok befoere payload code copy operation.

So, I think this phenomenon may be due to the cache. Since we dynamiclly genearte the code, we should fluch the code to force CPU reload.(if I am wrong, pls correct me)

Then I tried to disable global cache just after MTRRR setting, the system successfully boot the filo prompt.

I have checked the elfboot.c /boot.c in the coreboot v2, I don't found the cache syn operation in the code.

Does any one has the comment?


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