[coreboot] VGA ROM hang, May be a bug of the coreboot V2

wei yang lostdays_15 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 12 04:24:25 CET 2009

   I currently use the coreboot v2 -3290 version.(very new).
   When I boot the corboot V2 on the intel/Truxon board, the serial port without VGA is ok.
  Then, I tried to add the VGA add-on card, the coreboot hung in the VGA ROM.

  After hard debug, I found this VGA OPTION ROM will check a flag in the address 0xffffe, in coreboot the value is 0x0.
 So the OptionROM go to the wrong path and do the infinite loop.

  Actually, this addr in the legacy bios will put the System Mode ID (0xFC) in it, I manually wrote 0xFC to the address 0xfffffe.
 The VGA ROM was ok and the screen was trun on.

 I guess it is a thing the coreboot should do, otherwise some VGA OPTION ROM can't work correctly.

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