[coreboot] IRQ 9 on s2895 and s2892

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Thu Mar 12 00:20:45 CET 2009

> I booted again, and IRQ9 has 10x the interrupts as any other source.
> I guess that means it's not a shared one?

Hmm and MPtable has no entries for this IRQ? So it must be something else. It 
makes me wonder what changes trigger the irq9 storm. Perhaps kernel would 
complain even when there is none handler at all.

Any ideas what it could be? maybe booting irqroute=pic or smth like this could
force the old way of pci routing... but leaving IRQ9 for acpi. Should be 
interesting test.

Maybe you have smth wrong in FADT? Dont know
> Won't I have to add IRQ 9 to the mptable?  Will it find it otherwise?

If Irq 9 is not used then it must be something else. Is old coreboot  having 
MPtable entries >15? Or write simple kernel driver just requesting IRQ9 and 
returing IRQ_NONE with old coreboot. See if IRQ is busy too.


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