[coreboot] IRQ 9 on s2895 and s2892

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Wed Mar 11 18:29:16 CET 2009

> I'm assuming that since I have the problem on my Tyan s2895 and s2892,
> and they have different superIOs that that's not the problem.  What do
> you think?
Ok then. But it is worth to check if there is no misconfiguration. The 
IRQ regs are on std places.

> Ah.  I'm sorry I think you've tried to tell me this multiple times but
> I've missed it.  You're saying that the IRQ is getting sent to two
> different IRQs and one of them has a handler, but the other doesn't?
Yes thats what I think. Second option is that it is something else like 
some nVidia ACPI timer, but this is unlikely becuase we would have seen 
this before the changes.

Maybe you can boot orig coreboot sources and see what device listens on 
IRQ 9 ;)


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