[coreboot] FILO failure

ron minnich rminnich at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 08:40:09 CET 2009

This is on the kontron with a USB drive.

It's very consistent. We might need a slightly more informative error
message than "panic".



FILO version 0.6.0rc1 (rminnich at xcpu2.sandia.gov) Fri Mar  6 23:31:02 PST 2009
00:1d.0 27c8:8086.0 UHCI controller
fullspeed device
maxPacketSize0: 40
device version: 2.0
device has 1 configurations
device has 1 interfaces
 #0 has 2 endpoints, interface 8:6, protocol 50
   #1: Endpoint 1 (in), max packet size 40, type bulk
   #2: Endpoint 2 (out), max packet size 40, type bulk
device of class 8 found
MSC found
  it uses SCSI transparent command set
  it uses Bulk-Only Transport protocol
  using endpoint 81 as in, 2 as out
  has 1 luns
  Waiting for device to become ready... .........timeout. Device not ready. Sti.
  spin up. OK.
  has 3963904 blocks sized 512b
00:1d.1 27c9:8086.1 UHCI controller
warning: device 0 reassigned?
00:1d.2 27ca:8086.2 UHCI controller
00:1d.3 27cb:8086.3 UHCI controller
memory allocator panic.

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