[coreboot] [patch] ACPI support on M57SLI

Florentin Demetrescu echelon at free.fr
Fri Mar 6 21:28:23 CET 2009

Hi Harold,
Great work!
I will try to test your patch on my board this WE.
I will keep you informed about the results

Quoting Harald Gutmann <harald.gutmann at gmx.net>:

> On Friday 06 March 2009 21:09:42 ron minnich wrote:
> > On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 11:45 AM, Peter Stuge <peter at stuge.se> wrote:
> > > I don't know if we want to take in the factory DSDT though..
> >
> > I did not read the patch. Factory DSDT is in it?
> yes, it's in it. created with acpidump and acpixtract.
> the file, which factory bios gives with that tools was directly used in the
> patch.
> like said before, i don't know if this is a licensing problem or not. and
> also
> like stated before, this patch is not suggested for commiting.
> It works, and it shouldn't be much work to get the rest of the missing acpi
> features done. (until now, i didn't really care about dsdt.dsl, but i tried
> to
> get acpi_tables.c and fadt.c working.)
> > ron
> regards Harald

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