[coreboot] [patch] ACPI support on M57SLI

Harald Gutmann harald.gutmann at gmx.net
Fri Mar 6 20:49:30 CET 2009

Hello once again,

as i love it that much to talk with myself, i was wondering while 
working/creating ACPI stuff, why HPTE support is turned off in mcp55_lpc.c with 
using #if 0.

Has maybe someone of you an idea why that was done? (HPTE is also in context 
with ACPI)

Here there is the code snippet i refer to:

#if 0
static void enable_hpet(struct device *dev)
        unsigned long hpet_address;

        pci_write_config32(dev,0x44, 0xfed00001);
        hpet_address=pci_read_config32(dev,0x44)& 0xfffffffe;
        printk_debug("enabling HPET @0x%x\n", hpet_address);


Kind Regards,
Harald Gutmann

PS: This was not mentioned in the first post on the list, but HPTE support 
should be also included into ACPI to get it full working. I just missed it in 
the first post.
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