[coreboot] [patch] ACPI support on M57SLI

Harald Gutmann harald.gutmann at gmx.net
Fri Mar 6 20:34:10 CET 2009

the result of the past two/three days work/interest on coreboot is a big part 
of ACPI support on M57SLI which works on my revision (v2).

Soft-Power-Off works, and that's what i missed really hard in coreboot for 

The other parts of ACPI support should work (mostly) also fine. (except setting 
up MMCONFIG in acpi_fill_mcfg, and the powernow features which hopefully can be 
done with the recently commited patch "AMD boards to use new Power Now 
infrastructure" from Rudolf Marek).

I think i'll get the time this weekend or at the beginning of the next week to 
address those remaining problems.
In the mean time i hope that someone can test the code which i didn't 
originally write, but modified, to work at M57SLI.

For myself I own an M57SLI with hardware rev.2, maybe Ward can test if that 
code will work on v1 too.
One other "problem" with the actual code is, that most of the interesting 
parts are hardcoded (numbers where variables should be/could be).

The attached patch is quite complete, except the problems mentioned above and 
the copyright informations are missing in the patch.
This one is just for testing, and i'll try to get the remaining problems fixed, 
and i also will add copyright information when the work is finally done.

I think it's not the time to add this patch into svn because of the above 
mentioned missing parts. But it's a great time to test and enjoy this patch. 

Kind regards,
Harald Gutmann
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