[coreboot] ACPI/APIC related questions in coreboot.

Myles Watson mylesgw at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 21:38:24 CET 2009

On Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 12:14 PM, Harald Gutmann <harald.gutmann at gmx.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> at the moment i try to get acpi support running with the gigabyte m57sli
> mainboard.
> a few things are allready done (fill fadt, dsdt.asl and a pretty "raw"
> acpi_tables.c).
> Now my problem is, that i can't figure out the right values to set up the madt
> and mcfg acpi tables.
This might help:

You actually don't need MCFG to boot Linux.

> On the coreboot wiki page according to acpi it's listed to check the source of
> asus/m2v-mx_se how to fill/create the madt tables.
> My problem for now is just, where do i find the right values to fill that table
> correctly? The values which are used in the example are alled #defined
> somewhere, but for mcp55 i couldn't find values which are defined somewhere and
> named the same style like those for via.
> Trying to set up the mcfg table i tried to "guess" the right value for finding
> the right "dev" to set it up at the correct address base.
> Here is my guessed suggest for the right values:
> dev = dev_find_device(PCI_VENDOR_ID_NVIDIA, PCI_DEVICE_ID_NVIDIA_MCP55_PCI, 0);
> //or is PCI_DEVICE_ID_NVIDIA_MCP55_LPC correct
>        if (!dev)
>                return current;
>        res = find_resource(dev, K8T890_MMCONFIG_MBAR); /*where to find the
> right value for mcp55 instead of k8t890? (guessing is not a really good idea,
> coreboot fails on bootup if that value doesn't exist.*/
>        if (res) {
>                current += acpi_create_mcfg_mmconfig((acpi_mcfg_mmconfig_t *)
>                                current, res->base, 0x0, 0x0, 0xff);
>        }
> What does work until now, nothing "great" but it seems that fadt is filled
> correctly and that the dsdt.asl file is also fine, but it's hard to verify when
> linux hangs after wring an error message that no lapic entries are present and
> that mmconfig has no entries.

> I'd be really glad to get some hints how/where i could find out the needed
> values.

You could take a look at the patches I sent for the Tyan s2895, s2891, & s2892.

I generated the dsdt from mptables.c, so it might be easier to see how
to do that.  I'm not booting Windows yet, but Linux is working
flawlessly so far.


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