[coreboot] Trace MMIO Read/Write

Joseph Smith joe at settoplinux.org
Thu Mar 5 15:27:02 CET 2009

>> >> I need to do this on a older kernel 2.6.10 and mmiotrace does not
>> > support
>> >> older kernels....
>> >>
>> >> Any other suggestions?
>> >
>> > Does it run in a simulator or an emulator?  SimNow or Qemu could log
>> them
>> > for you.
>> >
>> Can they simulate a Intel onboard graphics adapter?
> Probably not easily.  Is the driver not open-source?  I'm wondering why
> you
> couldn't recompile it for the newer kernel if you really want to use
> MmioTrace.
That is were the problem lies. It is a prebuilt kernel module (*.ko) for
2.6.10... The source is not available. That is why I need to do a mmio
trace to find out exactly what it is doing. If I had the source I would not
need the trace. I wonder if I could backwards hack MmioTrace to work with
the 2.6.10 kernel?

Joseph Smith

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