[coreboot] [PATCH] superiotool: Fintek F71862FG / F71863FG support

Arjan Koers 0h3q2rmn2bdb at list.nospam.xutrox.com
Mon Jun 29 22:51:43 CEST 2009

Uwe Hermann wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 10:42:38PM +0200, Arjan Koers wrote:
>> The attached patch adds dump information for the Fintek F71862FG
>> and F71863FG. According to the datasheets, the registers for both
>> parts are exactly the same.
>> The datasheets were downloaded from www.fintek.com.tw:
>> 	F71862_V028P.pdf (Version 0.28P 2008-07-21)
>> 	F71863_V029P.pdf (Version 0.29P 2008-07-21)
>> Tested on my Jetway NF77-N1G6-LF board with Fintek F71862FG:
>> 	http://www.jetwaycomputer.com/NF77.html
>> 	http://www.jetway.com.tw/jw/ipcboard_view.asp?productid=581
> Thanks, committed in r4372 with a few changes.

Thanks for applying the patch.

> I only checked the F71862_V028P.pdf datasheet for now, and I noticed
> some stuff which I tried to fix:
>  - VID if missing 0xf0-0xf7 registers.

I left those out deliberately for now until I could reboot the
machine to perform some tests with the watchdog settings in the BIOS.
I wasn't sure about them, because these registers aren't mentioned in
the tables on page 68 .. 71 of the datasheet, but they are mentioned
further down. They also aren't in the F71882FG/F71883FG version.

Your additions look good to me. Maybe the default for VID register 0xf2
can be changed to 0x00?
What about the very similar F71882FG/F71883FG?

>  - PME/ACPI: Added missing 0xf7 register.

I missed that one.

>  - I think one small default value fix somewhere, but I don't remember
>    right now.

You changed the default value of register 0x27 from 0x30 to MISC.
I had chosen the not pulled-down setting as the default.
Whatever default you decide to use, you should probably also change
that for the F71882FG/F71883FG.

You also changed the default value of UART2 register 0xf1
from 0x00 to 0x04. My datasheet does mention 0x04. Do you have a
different datasheet?

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