[coreboot] Does the fam10 code work now? Patches for discuss.

Bao, Zheng Zheng.Bao at amd.com
Fri Jun 26 05:01:26 CEST 2009

About the MCT, the memory seems to work. But it takes coreboot nearly
one minute to "Uncompressing image to RAM.". I suddenly found words
"*** Yes, the copy/decompress is taking a while, FIXME!"
It is printed in serengeti_cheetah_fam10/cache_as_ram_auto.c
Does it mean it is not just my problem? Do you know about it?


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On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 2:46 AM, Bao, Zheng<Zheng.Bao at amd.com> wrote:
> amd_fam10_ht_sb_only.diff:
> I am not sure about this patch. Not sure to add signed-off-by line.
> Don't ack it before review it and say something.
> My board is Fam10 + 1 HT SouthBridge. It is close to dbm690t. So I
> though I don't know well what they actually are. Base on currently
> code, I have skip some code, otherwise the HT link can not be set up
> correctly. It is pretty like a workaround and my board can work in
> 1.8GHz (HT3). Doesn't the code in repository cover the mode of
> one HT processor + 1 HT SB device?

I assume that you are getting a failure since you skipped a section
and commented out a halt on error. What do you get for

You can get more information about bus numbering in the HTIOlink spec
and the device spec should have any requirements for bus numbering.

But, I assume that the device will work like the 690, so the setting
should be ok but compare with the vendor bios.

> ******************************************************************
> amd_fam10_mct_am2_rough.diff:
> The original code was pretty weird. It definitely can not
> be build correctly. This patch is only about building error.
> The mctardk4 seems to be for AM2. Based on the code and this
> patch, the memory seems to work but is unstable and unbearably
> slow. I need to dig it more.
> Since I am confused about this, it is not a signed-off-by patch.

AM2 was never built, just ported for reference. There wasn't a product
at the time. I dontt know if the Bx table will work for Cx.  You will
need to work with Tim and the BIOS group to get the settings.

You might need to add a fam10 version of the socket similar to the
socket f in /src/cpu/amd.



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