[coreboot] #142: remove #warnings in the code

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Wed Jun 24 15:41:31 CEST 2009

#142: remove #warnings in the code
   Reporter:  myles              |          Owner:  somebody
       Type:  defect             |         Status:  new     
   Priority:  major              |      Milestone:          
  Component:  coreboot           |        Version:  v2      
   Keywords:                     |   Dependencies:          
Patchstatus:  there is no patch  |  
 #warnings in the code should be converted to tickets in trac, or fixed.

 Compiler warnings don't seem to be useful to get things fixed.  They also
 obscure real warnings.  The medium-term goal would be to have warning-free
 compilation.  After that -Werror would be nice.  It seems like a small
 thing to ask that code compile without warnings.

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