[coreboot] coreboot for VX800+Nano

Harrison, Jon (SELEX GALILEO, UK) jon.harrison at selexgalileo.com
Tue Jun 23 11:25:00 CEST 2009


I note that you have experience of the CN400. I am currently trying to
develop C3/CN400 support (Actually Luke CoreFusion) support, but I am
having diffculty with the early RAM init.

I've been looking at the VX800 code for comparison.

Other than the fact that the VX800 code is mostly written for DDR2 can
you tell me if the general ram init sequence for the CN400 should be the
same. From the bits that are being tweaked in the Vx800 code, it looks
like the CN400 DLL/NB reset sequence should be similar after setting the
DRAM frequency.

I'd appreciate any help you could offer in outlining any key sequence
steps in the RAM init for the CN400.


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Konsstantin Lazarev wrote:
> Hello,
> I am interested to participate in development of coreboot support for 
> VIA VX8xx+Nano. I have experience in adaptation of LinuxBIOS for
> platforms in a past. And I have experience in low-level programming
> vendor BIOSes (GS, Phoenix) adaptation for other VIA chipsets (CN400, 
> VT8237, CX700, C3, C7).  Now I am working on bringing up VX800+Nano 
> based platform (hardware is available) and very interested in moving
> to open-source BIOS instead of vendor one. And any existing coreboot 
> source code for VIA VX8xx would be very helpful. I will be glad to 
> contribute my work to open-source BIOS project. I (my employer) have
> signed with VIA.
> Thank you,
> Konstantin Lazarev.

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