[coreboot] locking...

Myles Watson mylesgw at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 19:59:58 CEST 2009

> > the way SMP works, the BSP sets up its ram. At that point, the APs can
> > use the BSP ram. That's why APs have a stack in the first place.
> >
> > APs have a working stack when they are setting up their own RAM.
> >
> The way this works on amd64 is that the AP comes up, goes to cache as
> ram, finds it is an AP and goes to sleep again.
> Then it wakes up again in stage2 when the BSP sends an IPI. At this
> point (at least remote) RAM is available. They never set up their own
> ram (in terms of Jedec init, or setting up a ram controller), but only
> have to clear it, in case of ECC memory.

OK.  I'd thought that they each initialized their own RAM, then went to
sleep.  Thanks.


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