[coreboot] ACPI on M57SLI

Harald Gutmann harald.gutmann at gmx.net
Thu Jun 18 20:23:54 CEST 2009

On Thursday 18 June 2009 19:28:50 you wrote:
> Hi Harald,
> Harald Gutmann schreef:
> > Fine that you found it, and that everything works for you.
> > Just one more question on that topic:
> >
> > Which mainboard hardware revision do you use?
> I have a V2 board. With a nvidia 8600GT VGA. And a SST25VF016B (2048 KB)
> spi flash soldered on the 2nd spi footprint.
> I saw that the mptable fix is now committed. When will the ACPI patch be
> committed? Or should the other Suspend states be added...
The ACPI patch is now also signed-off, but ATM my 32bit toolchain is broken, 
and I wanted to test the last modifications to it before committing this patch.

To add other Suspend states could be quite hard, as the mcp55 is not well 
documented, and I hadn't looked into that exactly.
For the first step the patch will be committed (nearly) as it was.
In the mean-time I just added some small modifications on the dsdt.asl so that 
Windows 7 can be installed and booted flawless with coreboot and acpi support.

I'm going to commit that after testing it a final time, to see if nothing get 
broken with my last (small) changes.
You can test this patch if you like too. It's attached.

> Ronald.
Kind regards,
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