[coreboot] ACPI support on M57SLI

Harald Gutmann harald.gutmann at gmx.net
Thu Jun 18 13:47:10 CEST 2009

On Tuesday 16 June 2009 05:52:38 Myles Watson wrote:
> I don't have the hardware, so I can't test.
> +unsigned long write_acpi_tables(unsigned long start)
> +{
> +	get_bus_conf();
> +	sbdn = sysconf.sbdn;

> Since sbdn isn't used in write_acpi_tables, could you make it a local
> variable in acpi_fill_madt instead and move that code there?
> write_acpi_tables is pretty generic, and will eventually be factored out at
> least per northbridge, so it makes sense to keep it as clean as possible.
> fadt.c should be in the southbridge/nvidia/mcp55/ directory.  Won't it work
> for any board that has that chipset?

> In Config.lb it seems like the indenting isn't uniform.  Could you use tabs
> to make it cleaner?  Also in dsdt.asl there are multiple lines that have
> indented blank lines.
The dsdt.asl is now whitspace/indenting cleared.
And got some further improvements to be able to install and boot windows 7 
from coreboot with acpi support on m57sli.

I have already done a whitespace/indenting fix on Config.lb but attaching this 
to the acpi patch would just blow it up too much.

> Thanks,
> Myles
Thanks for your review,

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