[coreboot] [PATCH] flashrom: List chip size and type in flashrom -L

Uwe Hermann uwe at hermann-uwe.de
Wed Jun 17 00:49:48 CEST 2009

See patch.

Here's the output of 'flashrom -L' after the patch:

flashrom v0.9.0-r598

Supported flash chips (total: 190):

Vendor:   Device:		Tested OK:	Known BAD:  Size/KB:  Type:


AMD       Am29F002(N)BB					    256       Non-SPI
AMD       Am29F002(N)BT		P R E W 		    256       Non-SPI
AMD       Am29F016D					    2048      Non-SPI
AMD       Am29F040B		P R E W 		    512       Non-SPI
AMD       Am29F080B					    1024      Non-SPI
AMD       Am29LV040B					    512       Non-SPI
AMD       Am29LV081B					    1024      Non-SPI
ASD       AE49F2008					    256       Non-SPI
Atmel     AT25DF021					    256       SPI
Atmel     AT25DF041A					    512       SPI
Atmel     AT25DF081					    1024      SPI
Atmel     AT25DF161					    2048      SPI
Atmel     AT25DF321		P R E W 		    4096      SPI
Atmel     AT25DF321A					    4096      SPI
Atmel     AT25DF641					    8192      SPI
Atmel     AT25F512B					    64        SPI
Atmel     AT25FS010					    128       SPI
Atmel     AT25FS040					    512       SPI
Atmel     AT26DF041					    512       SPI
Atmel     AT26DF081A					    1024      SPI
Atmel     AT26DF161					    2048      SPI
Atmel     AT26DF161A					    2048      SPI
Atmel     AT26F004					    512       SPI
Atmel     AT29C512		P R E W 		    64        Non-SPI
Atmel     AT29C010A		P R E 			    128       Parallel
Atmel     AT29C020		P R E W 		    256       Parallel
Atmel     AT29C040A					    512       Parallel
Atmel     AT45CS1282				R 	    16896     SPI
Atmel     AT45DB011D				R 	    128       SPI
Atmel     AT45DB021D				R 	    256       SPI
Atmel     AT45DB041D				R 	    512       SPI
Atmel     AT45DB081D				R 	    1024      SPI
Atmel     AT45DB161D				R 	    2048      SPI
Atmel     AT45DB321C				R 	    4224      SPI
Atmel     AT45DB321D				R 	    4096      SPI
Atmel     AT45DB642D				R 	    8192      SPI
Atmel     AT49BV512		P R E W 		    64        Parallel
Atmel     AT49F002(N)					    256       Parallel
Atmel     AT49F002(N)T		P R E W 		    256       Parallel
AMIC      A25L40P		P R E W 		    512       SPI
AMIC      A29002B					    256       Non-SPI
AMIC      A29002T		P R E W 		    256       Non-SPI
AMIC      A29040B		P R 			    512       Parallel
AMIC      A49LF040A		P R E W 		    512       LPC
EMST      F49B002UA					    256       Parallel
Eon       EN25B05					    64        SPI
Eon       EN25B10					    128       SPI
Eon       EN25B20					    256       SPI
Eon       EN25B40					    512       SPI
Eon       EN25B80					    1024      SPI
Eon       EN25B16					    2048      SPI
Eon       EN25B32					    4096      SPI
Eon       EN25B64					    8192      SPI
Eon       EN25D16					    2048      SPI
Eon       EN25F05					    64        SPI
Eon       EN25F10					    128       SPI
Eon       EN25F20					    256       SPI
Eon       EN25F40					    512       SPI
Eon       EN25F80					    1024      SPI
Eon       EN25F16					    2048      SPI
Eon       EN25F32					    4096      SPI
EON       EN29F002(A)(N)B				    256       Parallel
EON       EN29F002(A)(N)T	P R E W 		    256       Parallel
Fujitsu   MBM29F004BC					    512       Non-SPI
Fujitsu   MBM29F004TC					    512       Non-SPI
Fujitsu   MBM29F400BC					    512       Non-SPI
Fujitsu   MBM29F400TC					    512       Non-SPI
Intel     28F001BX-B				E W 	    128       Parallel
Intel     28F001BX-T		P R 		E W 	    128       Parallel
Intel     82802AB		P R E W 		    512       FWH
Intel     82802AC		P R E W 		    1024      FWH
Macronix  MX25L512					    64        SPI
Macronix  MX25L1005					    128       SPI
Macronix  MX25L2005					    256       SPI
Macronix  MX25L4005		P R E W 		    512       SPI
Macronix  MX25L8005		P R E W 		    1024      SPI
Macronix  MX25L1605		P R E W 		    2048      SPI
Macronix  MX25L1635D					    2048      SPI
Macronix  MX25L3205		P R E W 		    4096      SPI
Macronix  MX25L3235D					    4096      SPI
Macronix  MX25L6405					    8192      SPI
Macronix  MX25L12805					    16384     SPI
Macronix  MX29F002B					    256       Non-SPI
Macronix  MX29F002T		P R E W 		    256       Non-SPI
Macronix  MX29LV040C		P R 			    512       Non-SPI
Numonyx   M25PE10					    128       SPI
Numonyx   M25PE20					    256       SPI
Numonyx   M25PE40					    256       SPI
Numonyx   M25PE80		P R E W 		    1024      SPI
Numonyx   M25PE16					    2048      SPI
PMC       Pm25LV010					    128       SPI
PMC       Pm25LV016B					    2048      SPI
PMC       Pm25LV020					    256       SPI
PMC       Pm25LV040					    512       SPI
PMC       Pm25LV080B					    1024      SPI
PMC       Pm25LV512					    64        SPI
PMC       Pm29F0002T		P R E W 		    256       Parallel
PMC       Pm29F0002B					    256       Parallel
PMC       Pm39LV010		P R E W 		    128       Non-SPI
PMC       Pm49FL002		P R E W 		    256       Non-SPI
PMC       Pm49FL004		P R E W 		    512       Non-SPI
Sharp     LHF00L04					    1024      Non-SPI
Spansion  S25FL016A		P R E W 		    2048      SPI
SST       SST25VF016B		P R E W 		    2048      SPI
SST       SST25VF032B		P R E W 		    4096      SPI
SST       SST25VF040B					    512       SPI
SST       SST25VF040.REMS	P R 			    512       SPI
SST       SST25VF040B.REMS	P R 			    512       SPI
SST       SST25VF080B		P R E W 		    1024      SPI
SST       SST28SF040A					    512       Non-SPI
SST       SST29EE010		P R E W 		    128       Non-SPI
SST       SST29LE010					    128       Non-SPI
SST       SST29EE020A		P R E W 		    256       Non-SPI
SST       SST29LE020					    256       Non-SPI
SST       SST39SF010A		P R E W 		    128       Non-SPI
SST       SST39SF020A		P R E W 		    256       Non-SPI
SST       SST39SF040		P R E W 		    512       Non-SPI
SST       SST39VF512		P R E W 		    64        Non-SPI
SST       SST39VF010		P R E W 		    128       Non-SPI
SST       SST39VF020		P R E W 		    256       Non-SPI
SST       SST39VF040		P 			    512       Non-SPI
SST       SST39VF080					    1024      Non-SPI
SST       SST49LF002A/B		P R E W 		    256       Non-SPI
SST       SST49LF003A/B					    384       Non-SPI
SST       SST49LF004A/B		P R E W 		    512       Non-SPI
SST       SST49LF004C					    512       Non-SPI
SST       SST49LF008A		P R E W 		    1024      Non-SPI
SST       SST49LF008C					    1024      Non-SPI
SST       SST49LF016C		P R E W 		    2048      Non-SPI
SST       SST49LF020		P R 			    256       LPC
SST       SST49LF020A					    256       LPC
SST       SST49LF040		P R E W 		    512       LPC
SST       SST49LF040B		P R E W 		    512       Non-SPI
SST       SST49LF080A		P R E W 		    1024      Non-SPI
SST       SST49LF160C		P R E W 		    2048      Non-SPI
ST        M25P05-A					    64        SPI
ST        M25P10-A					    128       SPI
ST        M25P20					    256       SPI
ST        M25P40					    512       SPI
ST        M25P40-old					    512       SPI
ST        M25P80					    1024      SPI
ST        M25P16		P R E W 		    2048      SPI
ST        M25P32		P R E W 		    4096      SPI
ST        M25P64					    8192      SPI
ST        M25P128					    16384     SPI
ST        M29F002B					    256       Non-SPI
ST        M29F002T/NT		P R E W 		    256       Non-SPI
ST        M29F040B		P R E W 		    512       Non-SPI
ST        M29F400BT					    512       Non-SPI
ST        M29W010B					    128       Non-SPI
ST        M29W040B					    512       Non-SPI
ST        M50FLW040A					    512       Non-SPI
ST        M50FLW040B					    512       Non-SPI
ST        M50FLW080A		P R E W 		    1024      Non-SPI
ST        M50FLW080B					    1024      Non-SPI
ST        M50FW002					    256       Non-SPI
ST        M50FW016					    2048      Non-SPI
ST        M50FW040		P R E W 		    512       Non-SPI
ST        M50FW080		P R E W 		    1024      Non-SPI
ST        M50LPW116					    2048      Non-SPI
SyncMOS   S29C31004T					    512       Non-SPI
SyncMOS   S29C51001T					    128       Non-SPI
SyncMOS   S29C51002T		P R E W 		    256       Non-SPI
SyncMOS   S29C51004T					    512       Non-SPI
TI        TMS29F002RB					    256       Non-SPI
TI        TMS29F002RT					    256       Non-SPI
Winbond   W25x10					    128       SPI
Winbond   W25x20					    256       SPI
Winbond   W25x40		P R E W 		    512       SPI
Winbond   W25x80		P R E W 		    1024      SPI
Winbond   W29C011		P R E W 		    128       Non-SPI
Winbond   W29C020C		P R E W 		    256       Parallel
Winbond   W29C040P					    512       Parallel
Winbond   W29EE011		P R E W 		    128       Non-SPI
Winbond   W39V040A		P R E W 		    512       LPC
Winbond   W39V040B		P R E W 		    512       LPC
Winbond   W39V040C		P R E W 		    512       LPC
Winbond   W39V040FA		P R E W 		    512       FWH
Winbond   W39V080A		P R E W 		    1024      LPC
Winbond   W49F002U		P R E W 		    256       Non-SPI
Winbond   W49V002A		P R E W 		    256       LPC
Winbond   W49V002FA					    256       FWH
Winbond   W39V080FA		P R E W 		    1024      FWH
Winbond   W39V080FA (dual mode)				    512       FWH

Supported chipsets (total: 77):

Vendor:                  Chipset:                 PCI IDs:

ALi                      M1533                    10b9:1533
AMD                      AMD-768                  1022:7440
AMD                      AMD8111                  1022:7468
AMD                      CS5530(A)                1078:0100
AMD                      CS5536                   1022:2080
AMD                      Elan SC520               1022:3000
AMD                      SB600                    1002:438d
AMD                      SB700                    1002:439d
AMD                      SC1100                   100b:0510 (untested)
ATI                      SB400                    1002:4377
Broadcom                 HT-1000                  1166:0205
Intel                    440MX                    8086:7198
Intel                    6300ESB                  8086:25a1
Intel                    631xESB/632xESB/3100     8086:2670
Intel                    EP80579                  8086:5031
Intel                    ICH0                     8086:2420
Intel                    ICH10                    8086:3a18
Intel                    ICH10D                   8086:3a1a
Intel                    ICH10DO                  8086:3a14
Intel                    ICH10R                   8086:3a16
Intel                    ICH2                     8086:2440
Intel                    ICH2-M                   8086:244c
Intel                    ICH3-M                   8086:248c
Intel                    ICH3-S                   8086:2480
Intel                    ICH4/ICH4-L              8086:24c0
Intel                    ICH4-M                   8086:24cc
Intel                    ICH5/ICH5R               8086:24d0
Intel                    ICH6/ICH6R               8086:2640
Intel                    ICH6-M                   8086:2641
Intel                    ICH7DH                   8086:27b0
Intel                    ICH7/ICH7R               8086:27b8
Intel                    ICH7M                    8086:27b9
Intel                    ICH7MDH                  8086:27bd
Intel                    ICH                      8086:2410
Intel                    ICH8DH                   8086:2812
Intel                    ICH8DO                   8086:2814
Intel                    ICH8/ICH8R               8086:2810
Intel                    ICH8M                    8086:2815
Intel                    ICH8M-E                  8086:2811
Intel                    ICH9                     8086:2918
Intel                    ICH9DH                   8086:2912
Intel                    ICH9DO                   8086:2914
Intel                    ICH9M                    8086:2919
Intel                    ICH9M-E                  8086:2917
Intel                    ICH9R                    8086:2916
Intel                    MPIIX                    8086:1234 (untested)
Intel                    PIIX3                    8086:7000
Intel                    PIIX4/4E/4M              8086:7110
Intel                    PIIX                     8086:122e
NVIDIA                   CK804                    10de:0050
NVIDIA                   CK804                    10de:0051
NVIDIA                   NForce2                  10de:0060
NVIDIA                   CK804                    10de:00d3
NVIDIA                   MCP51                    10de:0260 (untested)
NVIDIA                   MCP51                    10de:0261 (untested)
NVIDIA                   MCP51                    10de:0262 (untested)
NVIDIA                   MCP51                    10de:0263 (untested)
NVIDIA                   MCP55                    10de:0360
NVIDIA                   MCP55                    10de:0361
NVIDIA                   MCP55                    10de:0362
NVIDIA                   MCP55                    10de:0363
NVIDIA                   MCP55                    10de:0364
NVIDIA                   MCP55                    10de:0365
NVIDIA                   MCP55                    10de:0366
NVIDIA                   MCP55                    10de:0367
NVIDIA                   MCP67                    10de:0548
SiS                      SiS5595                  1039:0008
SiS                      SiS630                   1039:0630 (untested)
VIA                      CX700                    1106:8324
VIA                      VT8231                   1106:8231 (untested)
VIA                      VT8235                   1106:3177
VIA                      VT8237                   1106:3227
VIA                      VT8237A                  1106:3337
VIA                      VT8237S                  1106:3372
VIA                      VX800                    1106:8353
VIA                      VT82C586A/B              1106:0586
VIA                      VT82C686A/B              1106:0686 (untested)

Supported boards which need write-enable code (total: 35):

Vendor:                  Board:                   Required option:

Acorp                    6A815EPD                 -m acorp:6a815epd
agami                    Aruma                    -m AGAMI:ARUMA
Albatron                 PM266A                   (none, board is autodetected)
Artec Group              DBE61                    -m artecgroup:dbe61
Artec Group              DBE62                    -m artecgroup:dbe62
ASUS                     A7V8-MX SE               (none, board is autodetected)
ASUS                     P4B266                   (none, board is autodetected)
ASUS                     P5A                      -m asus:p5a
BioStar                  P4M80-M4                 (none, board is autodetected)
EPoX                     EP-8K5A2                 (none, board is autodetected)
EPoX                     EP-BX3                   -m epox:ep-bx3
GIGABYTE                 GA-2761GXDK              -m gigabyte:2761gxdk
GIGABYTE                 GA-7VT600                (none, board is autodetected)
GIGABYTE                 GA-K8N-SLI               (none, board is autodetected)
GIGABYTE                 GA-M57SLI-S4             -m gigabyte:m57sli
GIGABYTE                 GA-M61P-S3               -m gigabyte:m61p
GIGABYTE                 GA-MA78G-DS3H            (none, board is autodetected)
GIGABYTE                 GA-MA78GM-S2H            (none, board is autodetected)
GIGABYTE                 GA-MA790FX-DQ6           -m gigabyte:ma790fx-dq6
HP                       DL145 G3                 -m hp:dl145_g3
IBM                      x3455                    -m ibm:x3455
Intel                    D201GLY                  (none, board is autodetected)
IWILL                    DK8-HTX                  -m iwill:dk8_htx
Kontron                  986LCD-M                 -m kontron:986lcd-m
Kontron                  986LCD-M                 -m kontron:986lcd-m
MSI                      MS-7135 (K8N Neo3)       -m msi:k8n-neo3
MSI                      MS-6702E (K8T Neo2-F)    (none, board is autodetected)
MSI                      MS-6712 (KT4V)           -m msi:kt4v
MSI                      MS-6590 (KT4 Ultra)      -m msi:kt4ultra
MSI                      MS-7046                  (none, board is autodetected)
Tyan                     S2498 (Tomcat K7M)       (none, board is autodetected)
VIA                      EPIA-CN                  (none, board is autodetected)
VIA                      EPIA M/MII/...           (none, board is autodetected)
VIA                      EPIA SP                  (none, board is autodetected)
VIA                      PC3500G                  -m via:pc3500g

Supported boards which don't need write-enable code (total: 71):

Abit                     AX8                    
Advantech                PCM-5820               
ASI                      MB-5BLMP               
ASUS                     A7N8X Deluxe           
ASUS                     A7N8X-E Deluxe         
ASUS                     A7V400-MX              
ASUS                     A7V8X-MX               
ASUS                     A8N-E                  
ASUS                     A8NE-FM/S              
ASUS                     A8N-SLI                
ASUS                     A8N-SLI Premium        
ASUS                     A8V-E Deluxe           
ASUS                     A8V-E SE               
ASUS                     M2A-MX                 
ASUS                     M2A-VM                 
ASUS                     M2N-E                  
ASUS                     M2V                    
ASUS                     P2B                    
ASUS                     P2B-D                  
ASUS                     P2B-DS                 
ASUS                     P2B-F                  
ASUS                     P2L97-S                
ASUS                     P5B-Deluxe             
ASUS                     P6T Deluxe V2          
A-Trend                  ATC-6220               
BCOM                     WinNET100              
GIGABYTE                 GA-6BXC                
GIGABYTE                 GA-6BXDU               
GIGABYTE                 GA-6ZMA                
Intel                    EP80759                
Jetway                   J7F4K1G5D-PB           
MSI                      MS-6570 (K7N2)         
MSI                      MS-7065                
MSI                      MS-7168 (Orion)        
MSI                      MS-7236 (945PL Neo3)   
MSI                      MS-7255 (P4M890M)      
MSI                      MS-7345 (P35 Neo2-FIR) 
NEC                      PowerMate 2000         
PC Engines               Alix.1c                
PC Engines               Alix.2c2               
PC Engines               Alix.2c3               
PC Engines               Alix.3c3               
PC Engines               Alix.3d3               
RCA                      RM4100                 
Sun                      Blade x6250            
Supermicro               H8QC8                  
Thomson                  IP1000                 
T-Online                 S-100                  
Tyan                     iS5375-1U              
Tyan                     S1846                  
Tyan                     S2881                  
Tyan                     S2882                  
Tyan                     S2882-D                
Tyan                     S2891                  
Tyan                     S2892                  
Tyan                     S2895                  
Tyan                     S3095                  
Tyan                     S5180                  
Tyan                     S5191                  
Tyan                     S5197                  
Tyan                     S5211                  
Tyan                     S5211-1U               
Tyan                     S5220                  
Tyan                     S5375                  
Tyan                     S5376G2NR/S5376WAG2NR  
Tyan                     S5377                  
Tyan                     S5397                  
VIA                      EPIA-LN                
VIA                      NAB74X0                
VIA                      pc2500e                
VIA                      VB700X                 

Boards which have been verified to NOT work yet (total: 19):

Abit                     IS-10                  
ASUS                     M3N78 Pro              
ASUS                     MEW-AM                 
ASUS                     MEW-VM                 
ASUS                     P3B-F                  
ASUS                     P5B                    
ASUS                     P5BV-M                 
Biostar                  M6TBA                  
Boser                    HS-6637                
DFI                      855GME-MGF             
FIC                      VA-502                 
MSI                      MS-6178                
MSI                      MS-7260 (K9N Neo)      
PCCHIPS                  M537DMA33              
Soyo                     SY-5VD                 
Sun                      Fire x4150             
Sun                      Fire x4200             
Sun                      Fire x4540             
Sun                      Fire x4600             

Supported PCI devices flashrom can use as programmer:

3COM 3C90xB: PCI 10/100 Mbps; shared 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX [10b7:9055]
3COM 3C90xB: PCI 10/100 Mbps; shared 10BASE-T/100BASE-T4 [10b7:9001] (untested)
3COM 3C90xB: PCI 10BASE-T (TPO) [10b7:9004] (untested)
3COM 3C90xB: PCI 10BASE-T/10BASE2/AUI (COMBO) [10b7:9005] (untested)
3COM 3C90xB: PCI 10BASE-T/10BASE2 (TPC) [10b7:9006] (untested)
3COM 3C90xB: PCI 10BASE-FL [10b7:900a] (untested)
3COM 3C90xB: PCI 10BASE-FX [10b7:905a] (untested)
3COM 3C905B: Cyclone 10/100/BNC [10b7:9058]
3COM 3C905C: EtherLink 10/100 PCI (TX) [10b7:9200]
3COM 3C980C: EtherLink Server 10/100 PCI (TX) [10b7:9805] (untested)
Silicon Image PCI0680 Ultra ATA-133 Host Ctrl [1095:680]
Silicon Image SiI 3114 [SATALink/SATARaid] SATA Ctrl [1095:3114]
Silicon Image SiI 3124 PCI-X SATA Ctrl [1095:3124] (untested)
Silicon Image SiI 3132 SATA Raid II Ctrl [1095:3132]
Silicon Image SiI 3512 [SATALink/SATARaid] SATA Ctrl [1095:3512] (untested)

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