[coreboot] ASUS KFN4D16 - K8 FAM10

Christian Leber christian.leber at ziti.uni-heidelberg.de
Tue Jun 16 12:29:58 CEST 2009

On Tuesday 16 June 2009 11:36:02 Thomas Ward wrote:

Hi Thomas

> My questions are about running coreboot on an ASUS KFN4-D16 with an NVIDIA
> CK804 chipset and a SST SST49LF080A (BIOS?) chip  33-4C-NHE 0631138-B I
> have 2 cpus one is a 65nm dual core opteron 2210, the second CPU is a quad
> core 45nm "Shanghai" opteron 2376 - this CPU isn't supported by the ASUS
> BIOS. My aim is to get the board to boot with the quad core CPU, I would be
> happy if it boots with support for all the RAM and at least one of the
> ethernet ports, I can live without PCI, SATA, USB etc.

Do you know if the board can physically support the CPU?

Do you want to run the board with a mixed setup of both CPUs?
(i have no idea if that works, but i would bet on: NO)

> A. does FAM10 refer to 45nm Opterons (eg 2376)

and to 65nm quad cores

> C. It seems that
> support for the Shanghai processors is not complete but will probably be in
> the near future, is this correct?

Possible, it is unclear if the microcode patches are needed, but with them it 
does not work.

Is your shanghai a CPU from a store? (= no engineering sample)

> D. I am slightly confused by North and
> South bridge, is the CK804 a southbridge?, do the opteron CPUs provide
> their own northbridge?

The terminology is that the northbridge is in the CPU and the chipset is the 
I/O hub.


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