[coreboot] Open source project, braindead "leaders"

Joseph Smith joe at settoplinux.org
Tue Jun 16 02:20:29 CEST 2009

> Sorry, but we can't just let anyone just come in and get a wiki
> account. And, more to the point, they don't need it to add a NEC PCI
> card. Still worse, they don't seem to understand that adding a new
> chipset to the source code repo doesn't require a wiki account --
Yes sounds pretty suspicious to me, I'd be very cautious if I got a request
for my site.
> Now, finally, 1.5 years later we get a patch, which is fine, but it
> comes with lots of whining and lots of unsubstantiated claims. 30
> mainboards? These guys have more than I ever had, and I worked at a
> money-filled DOE Lab!
> Sorry, but every open source project has a high hurdle to newcomers
> for a reason. If they wish to come back and talk to us minus the
> insults, I am happy to have them back. But their current behaviour is
> completely unacceptable.
Agreed, the current behaviour is in no way professional, I am quite turned

Joseph Smith

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