[coreboot] Open source project, braindead "leaders"

Paul Menzel paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Jun 15 23:40:24 CEST 2009

Dear coreboot hackers, Ioannis and Nikos,

I would urge everyone to take a deep breath and calm down. Those posts
definitely do not benefit everyone and in my opinion this situation does
not benefit coreboot at all.

I hope you all can see this as a big misunderstanding since most of the
time English is not the mother tongue – as you can see from my messages
to the list – and electronic mail has also a lot of room for
interpretation because you cannot see the writer in front of you and as
several people already pointed out, we do not know each other and their

Am Montag, den 15.06.2009, 14:21 +0200 schrieb Stefan Reinauer:
> On 15.06.2009 13:04 Uhr, Noone Nowhere wrote: 
> > Coreboot Systems GmbH is just a new AMI-Phoenix ?.
> >   
> First of all, there is coresystems GmbH and coreboot, not  a "coreboot
> systems GmbH".
> > OK, we did not get a Wiki account "_yet_", as YOU ARE DEFINITELY SURE
> > You don't get it, do you?
> > The things we prepared  for coreboot REQUIRE Wiki acount.
> > Since you judge with no facts(you bet against us, without even knowing
> > us), you aren't getting a thing, it's your right to see in the past
> > and ignoring the future!!!
> >   
> Exactly that's the point: We do not know you. Those people who got a
> wiki-account have proved that they made valuable contributions to
> coreboot _before_ and disclosed their identity and - very important -
> the members of the community are polite and respectful with each other.
> We see no need to setup wiki accounts for people from "noone nowhere".
> Contributions can also be made without having an own wiki account, so
> it's not required.
> > To set things right, the initial wiki requests were sent to rminnich
> > at gmail.com at 20 and 21 December 2007.
> > The one sent on the 21st was answered at December 26.The Wiki is
> > closed for non company employees.
> >   
> This is not correct. There are approx. 100 people who have a wiki
> account - thereof two employees of coresystems GmbH.

As far as I understood Ioannis and Nikos got a reply (from Ron?) that
said the wiki is closed or at least interpreted it in this way.

Ioannis and Nikos if you do not want to disclose certain information to
the list, maybe you could write again a message to Stefan or Ron with a
short note why you need the wiki account. (For example, you do not want
to release a new option without documenting it.)

Please write this mail with your real names in it and maybe a little
background information. At least Stefan has a GPG key available for his
address for (almost) secure communication.

[some insult]

Ioannis and Nikos, I am no developer and I am just reading this list,
but I assure you the coreboot developers are really good and nice people
and it was never their intention to insult you or imply something about
your skills by denying the Wiki account. I think, they just wanted
another email with your real names and a little bit background.

In German I would say: “Springt über Euren Schatten!”. So please
everyone, forget what happened and start over for the benefit of this
awesome project.


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