[coreboot] [flashrom] r591 - trunk

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Mon Jun 15 02:03:37 CEST 2009

Author: uwe
Date: 2009-06-15 02:03:37 +0200 (Mon, 15 Jun 2009)
New Revision: 591

The VIA VX800 chipset works with the VT8237S code after adding an
entry for the VX800 PCI ID.

Signed-off-by: Arjan Koers <0h3q2rmn2bdb at list.nospam.xutrox.com>
Acked-by: Bari Ari <bari at onelabs.com>
Acked-by: Uwe Hermann <uwe at hermann-uwe.de>

Modified: trunk/chipset_enable.c
--- trunk/chipset_enable.c	2009-06-14 21:53:26 UTC (rev 590)
+++ trunk/chipset_enable.c	2009-06-15 00:03:37 UTC (rev 591)
@@ -1028,6 +1028,7 @@
 	{0x1106, 0x3227, OK, "VIA", "VT8237",		enable_flash_vt823x},
 	{0x1106, 0x3337, OK, "VIA", "VT8237A",		enable_flash_vt823x},
 	{0x1106, 0x3372, OK, "VIA", "VT8237S",		enable_flash_vt8237s_spi},
+	{0x1106, 0x8353, OK, "VIA", "VX800",		enable_flash_vt8237s_spi},
 	{0x1106, 0x0586, OK, "VIA", "VT82C586A/B",	enable_flash_amd8111},
 	{0x1106, 0x0686, NT, "VIA", "VT82C686A/B",	enable_flash_amd8111},

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