[coreboot] [patch][v2]:fam10 microcode

Christian Leber christian.leber at ziti.uni-heidelberg.de
Thu Jun 4 15:18:08 CEST 2009

On Wednesday 03 June 2009 17:49:27 Marc Jones wrote:

Hi Marc

>>Without HTX card coreboot will fail.
> Thanks for testing. It helps to have a few different cases to narrow
> down the problems. My guess is that the HTX card forces the HT link
> speed to a lower speed and that allows it to work.

No, with HTX card the link between the Opterons is running with HT3 at 2200 
Mhz, that is not the problem.

We repeated the test just to be sure, it is really the microcode patch that 
makes it fail like in the log of my last mail in this thread.


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