[coreboot] [Patch] CMOS: Add set_option and rework get_option.

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Jun 2 19:47:06 CEST 2009

Stefan Reinauer wrote:
> > Also when nvramtool detects invalid values, it can offer to program
> > defaults or at least refuse to validate the checksum. nvramtool should
> > be able to write anything though, through the use of some argument like
> > --force. It should also be able to just set up everything by default.
> I think this is the fix we want. Forget the other stuff.

I agree it is part of what we want, but I think it is also pretty
important for coreboot to gracefully ignore what appears to be a
cluttered NVRAM, without making any changes to it.


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