[coreboot] Builing Coreboot

Ben audiossis at netspace.net.au
Mon Jun 1 22:24:35 CEST 2009

On Monday 01 June 2009 11:23:09 Peter Stuge wrote:
> Hi Ben,
> audiossis at netspace.net.au wrote:
> > My target system is a Clevo laptop
> What Carl-Daniel wrote about embedded controllers applies. But since
> you can recover, it might still be interesting to give it a go.
> > (albeit I understand that the 82855PM/GM is still a work in progress)
> I have met at least one person who has production 855 code, I will
> get in touch with them if you find that current code is lacking.
> > I know that I have to edit a configuration file to specify the
> > payload I wish to use,
> Yes.
> > but I cannot find anything that tells me wether or not I have to
> > configure Coreboot for the specific chipset on the target
> > mainboard.
> Carl-Daniel mentioned targets. This is the starting point when
> building coreboot.
> In the v2 tree, there is the targets/ directory. In there you find
> all targets, grouped by vendor. There is no target for your exact
> system, so find one that is as close as possible. One target which
> uses 855 is digitallogic/adl855pc. To build that, you do:
> cd targets
> ./buildtarget digitallogic/adl855pc
> cd digitallogic/adl855pc/adl855pc
> make
> (you can also run make -C digitallogic/adl855pc/adl855pc and skip cd)
> After those commands, you should have a coreboot.rom file.
> The payload is specified in digitallogic/adl855pc/Config.lb, which is
> parsed by buildtarget and used to create Makefiles underneath the
> final leaf directory. If you change Config.lb, you have to re-run
> buildtarget.
> Note that buildtarget doesn't check for the payload, so you'll get
> Makefiles which fail to build.
> Then try booting coreboot.rom in your system. Chances are zero that
> it will work, but if the laptop is a little similar to the
> digitallogic, you may get serial output. Most likely you'll have to
> change the superio though, in
> src/mainboard/digitallogic/adl855pc/Config.lb to the superio which is
> used in the laptop, before you get anything from the serial port.
> //Peter

Thanks guys, I've had another look at the source code as was suggested and 
read through the developer documents on the web site again. I think I have a 
better grasp of the situation now.

I found what I think are the CPU and chipset config settings in the  and over 
the next week I'll gear up to have a go at a desktop mainboard (simpler to 
repair if something goes wrong). If I get it working I'll post my config 
files. Then I'll consider trying on the laptop.

I've no doubt I'll need to ask you some more questions very soon..... I'll try 
not to be too annoying though....

Thanks again for your time!


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