[coreboot] Builing Coreboot

audiossis at netspace.net.au audiossis at netspace.net.au
Mon Jun 1 01:27:33 CEST 2009

I'm new to the Coreboot project. I am an experienced electronics technician, so 
desoldering and burning flash chips is second nature to me, but I'm not a 
programmer so please forgive me if this seems like a silly question.

I've been poking around the Coreboot home pages for the last few days. I've 
downloaded all the required packages to my Gentoo box and had a good look at 
what is there. I've read through some of the various documents on the web site 
about how to build Coreboot and I think I now have a basic understanding of how 
it all works.

My target system is a Clevo laptop with an Intel 82855PM/GM northbridge and an 
82801DB(ICH-4m) south bridge. Both of these chips are listed on the supported 
chipsets page (albeit I understand that the 82855PM/GM is still a work in 

My question is, do I have to set any build flags or edit any configuration 
files before building Coreboot, to support these chips? Or does Coreboot 
support every device on the supported chipsets page "out of the box" so to 

I know that I have to edit a configuration file to specify the payload I wish 
to use, but I cannot find anything that tells me wether or not I have to 
configure Coreboot for the specific chipset on the target mainboard.

Thanks for your time and keep up the good work. It's a very interesting project 
and I'm keen to help out even if only by testing on different platforms.


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