[coreboot] Dual flash chip mod

Ivan Barrera A. info at Ivn.cl
Wed Jul 29 17:11:04 CEST 2009

Peter Stuge escribió:
> Ivan Barrera A. wrote:
>>>> The other option would be putting inside 2 flash chips, and an
>>>> external switch to enable one or the other.
>> The System Reports a SST 49LF004A , while it is really a SST
>> 49LF004B (4mbit / 512KB).
> Ok. If there is physical room for another chip inside the machine you
> can just connect all important signals across (maybe 10 or so), build
> a simple transistor switching circuit for the chip select line and
> finally run only three wires out of the machine. They can be as long
> as you like.

I think there is room at a side of the plcc socket i put. How long could 
those wires be ?
The ones for the switch can be loooong, i know.

>> Flashrom was unable to write on it. So my tests were done using my
>> external programmer. ( the netbook saved the day :) )
> So how would you reprogram the flash chip inside the machine? Running
> wires from the flash chip out of the machine will probably not work.

Uniflash, Asus EZFlash (using a "forced" checksum), etc...
Or try to fix the flashrom for my board :)

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