[coreboot] SuperIO question

jorgefm at cirsa.com jorgefm at cirsa.com
Wed Jul 29 10:51:11 CEST 2009

Hi all,

This is my first email to this mailing list. I've joined because I've a 
little question related to the
BIOS superio initialization process and I would like to ask to the 

I'm developing a little hardware module with a w83627hf superio module. My 
testing platform
is using the linux kernel is 2.6.26, and the kernel driver I'm trying to 
use is driver/hwmon/w83627hf.c.
This hardware is attached to a com express module. I've found that my 
hardware is not always initialized
by the com express BIOS, it depends on the manufacter.

The com express from Congatec (conga-BA945) do it ok. The BIOS sets the 
hardware monitor device
address correctly and I can load the kernel driver and read the voltages 
and temps.

But another one from MSC (MSC CXB-CD945) it doesn't, then the linux kernel 
driver refuses to load
because the hardware monitor address is not set. I can force this addres 
(the same that I get from the
congatec module) to force the kernel driver loading but the voltages and 
temps are not read.

Then, I think that the hardware is working but I need some initialization 
in the southbridge or something
else that the first BIOS is doing. Where can I looking for this info? Both 
com express modules has the
intel ICH7-M southbridge.

Any help is welcome!
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