[coreboot] i945: raminit.c

Urbez Santana Roma urbez at linuxupc.upc.edu
Sun Jul 26 22:56:59 CEST 2009

in file:

in the function:

static int sdram_capabilities_dual_channel(void)
        u32 reg32;

        reg32 = pci_read_config8(PCI_DEV(0, 0x00,0), 0xe4);
        reg32 >>= 24;
        reg32 &= 1;  

        return (!reg32);

The pci_read_config8 must be pci_read_config32 to read 
the bit 56 of CAPID0? .

Another question.
If the chipset FSB supports 667MHz and chipset only supports DDR2-533
if one DDR2 667MHz or 800Mhz are connected, then FSB
can one set FSB to maximum 667?

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