[coreboot] non static < 0x1000 IO space can be broken

Rudolf Marek r.marek at assembler.cz
Mon Jul 20 16:14:59 CEST 2009

Hi Myles,

> That's the way the rest of the boards did it.  I'm sorry I missed this
> southbridge.  I thought I got them all.

Ok. Please prepare the patch.

> The resource allocator will only care about the last I/O resource that you
> add, because it doesn't split allocations.  So if you add 5 resources all
> under 0x1000 with the last one ending at 0x1000, or 1 resource 0x0-0x1000,
> it will have the same effect.


> I noticed in your patch that you're setting the limit = base+size-1.  The
> limit is not the same as the end of the resource.  For most I/O, the limit
> should be 0xffff.

aha true. This was cut and paste from k8t890 where it was used to setup APIC 
resource. For mem resource it should be how? I don't understand the gran too.

For this SB (the VT8237S) we will definitely need to dynamically allocate a mmio 
BAR for SPI controller. I will prepare a patch, but cannot test.

I would like to ask if you care about the decoding range for flashes - if I need 
some other resource for that and also about 0xfee... for MSI.


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