[coreboot] Problem with objcopy: cannot generate coreboot.strip

Jeffrey C. Jacobs jacobs at itd.nrl.navy.mil
Thu Jul 16 17:21:49 CEST 2009

Myles Watson wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 8:33 AM, Jeffrey C. Jacobs 
> <jacobs at itd.nrl.navy.mil <mailto:jacobs at itd.nrl.navy.mil>> wrote:
>     Myles Watson wrote:
>         On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 6:55 AM, Jeffrey C. Jacobs
>         <jacobs at itd.nrl.navy.mil <mailto:jacobs at itd.nrl.navy.mil>
>         <mailto:jacobs at itd.nrl.navy.mil
>         <mailto:jacobs at itd.nrl.navy.mil>>> wrote:
>     Well, I just tried to build the Tyan S1846 board and got these
>     warnings for CRT0:
> No .text warnings, though.
>     So I guess that may be a red herring since...
> Could be, but they still look suspicious to me.
I'll keep that in mind, thanks...
> I would say that sounds like a negative number.  So if you're telling 
> it to fill a negative amount of space with 0xff...
> Maybe start by comparing ldscripts and offsets between the S1846 and 
> your board?  Try removing the gap-fill parameter to narrow it down?
I tried turning off the gap fill and got past the "Bad value" error  and 
was able to produce a coreboot.strip file which turned out to be EXACTLY 
2**32 bytes in size.  I like your accidental negative idea though given 
that it is exactly 2**32, I think it may actually be an accidental 0.  I 
wonder, were any new CONFIG_* parameters added in the last couple 
months?  When I converted over, I searched all my old .lb parameters for 
any reference to the non-CONFIG form and am pretty sure I got them all, 
but if any were added that I didn't take into account, that may be the 
cause of my error in the latest Coreboot, though it wouldn't explain why 
I'm getting the same "Bad value" error on the older LinuxBIOS build.  
Also, what happens when I set CONFIG_ROM_IMAGE_SIZE to 0x0C000 if the 
coreboot ROM turns out to be bigger than 49152?  What is a typically 
size for the coreboot ROM?  I made the ROM Image Size so small because I 
only have a 256kB flash and GRUB2 with modules turned out to be a bit 
over 128kB (153900 Bytes).  So, have I made a nubie mistake?  I could 
have sworn this was working before I updated but if tweaking sizes here 
and there is the solution, that's what I'll try.

Thanks again Myles!


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