[coreboot] jetwaynf94-270-lf: ATOM-n270+i945 triplefault if activate the variable mtrr.

Urbez Santana Roma urbez at linuxupc.upc.edu
Wed Jul 15 18:22:24 CEST 2009

Hi, i'm working with these mainboard fanless:
Jetway NF94-270-LF 

The bios chip is one Winbond W25X80,
i have released a simple circuit with one transistor
BC547, and the rest connected directly to the
paralel port in mode ECP, data buses are 3.3V
Also i have release a simple program to erase, test
and program it. If one are interesed in this, tell-me.

The flashprogram not works correctly with this chip, but
i can try to solve.

The CPU is the Atom N270, normally i used VIA's but, i will
test my aplications with it, with VIA i cannot use my SSE2
optimizations, they are more slow that direct use of 32bit
assembler code.

This have a Fintek SuperIO F71862FG that is similar to
the F71805F.

The base is the ich7m and i945GSE.

I have tested and make that it works, except the VGA
and the Audio, i have solved the problems with acpi,
and linux kernel boots normally with the SATA.

I have only one problem, with the variable MTRR
if i activate variable MTRR's for have cache, the
kernel immediately makes a triple fault.

I not known if in the moment of activate MTRR this
chip generates a spurious interrupt or similar, and
when the kernel creates the IDT table, hangs.

Have one show this problem in the past?
I have send to local APIC's the EOI, but the problem

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