[coreboot] Dell latitude c610

Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Sat Jul 11 00:50:19 CEST 2009

CybFr wrote:
> > > Waiting for chips, sockets and a replacement mothercard
> >
> > Note that SST 49LF004 is not a parallel flash chip, but rather an
> > FWH type chip.
> You're right, it has a FWH interface for in-system operations and it
> has parallal programming capability.

Yeah, the A/A thing. That's will rarely if ever work in-system

> > What replacement chip did you order? If same part number it's of
> > course compatible. :)
> The only one I found is an AM29F040 given as read compatible (by my
> local reseller) but looking at datasheets, I'm very sceptic...

Sorry, that isn't compatible at all.

> Does anybody know a source fot SST49LF004A ?

Am a little web challenged right now, but it should be possible to
find that or a compatible chip. Look for any SST49LF00xx chip. 008B
will work fine. You can also look for Winbond W39VxxxFA.. chips, or
ST M50W-something which are dual LPC/FWH.

I am pretty sure farnell.com has some compatible chip at a fair


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